We remain dedicated to bringing our wines to you to enjoy in the comfort of your home so we are offering free ground shipping on every order of 3 bottles or more.

We are adapting each day and using the latest health guidelines and advisories to safely package and deliver your wines. We thank you for your support and we look forward to having a glass of wine with you soon.

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I understand the cost for the 3-bottle wine club is $120 (all Chardonnay), $135 (2 Pinot Noir and 1 Chardonnay) or $150 (all Pinot Noir), for 3-bottle shipments. Plus applicable tax. I understand that my wine will be billed to my credit card one week prior to scheduled shipment. I will keep Challen Winery informed of any changes to my shipping address, email address and credit card information. All wine club shipments require an adult signature (21 and over.) If you wish to cancel your membership, Challen Winery will need to be notified one week prior to processing any shipment.

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